License Agreement​

License Agreement

You can use these purchased files to create and promote: your personal project, products for a client, or for your business.

Standar License

For personal projects exclusively. Applies for less than 500 units. For more than 500 units and less than 10.000, please purchase a second standard license.

To use the graphics in a second project you must buy a new standard license. You can use in personal projects for limited quantities.

Extended License

Apply for personal projects and clients with less than 10.000 units, for more than 10.000 units you’ll need another extended license.

The standard usage in personal projects is limited. To use the graphics in a different project you will need to purchase an additional extended license.

Some Conditions

You cannot use these graphics resources for commercial resale purposes (even if you own an extended license). The products that you create should not be used or sold competitively with the original collection that you acquired. Your products and projects cannot be redistributed within the original files to third parties when the extraction of this files is permitted.

You cannot redistribute the item as stock, in a tool or template, or with its source files. This consideration applies either for an individual item or bundle, and even if you modify in any form the original assets. You cannot redistribute or make available the items as its own, in their original aspect or with superficial modifications.

The free versions cannot be used for commercial purposes. If you want to share our resources on your website you must do so with prior notice and with our authorization, to apply must be in a dofollow link, you must share the original source, you can not modify the contents of our download packages.

Graphics Traffic will not be responsible for the usage that a third party or a customer makes of the purchased graphics files.